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Rooms & Villas

Rooms for everyone according to their need. Our 49 rooms are categorized into 3 main categories. These categories are Aromiaa Premium Room, Aromiaa Superior Room and Aromiaa Luxury Room. These are just category based on your choice our each and every room as comfortable as the rest of all rooms. At Aromiaa villas these rooms are not the only options for our Guests they can also choose from Aromiaa 3 BR Villas and Aromiaa 4 BR villas.

  • Events
    Goa Carnival 2019

    Experience this fascinating and colorful event in Goa The Goa Carnival has over 500 years of history and dates...

    Goa Carnival 2019
  • Holi festival in Goa
    Holi festival in Goa

    This year, Holi takes place in Goa on the 20 March 2019, as it's the last full moon of...

  • Holiday Ideas
    Goa In The Monsoons

    Millions of tourists visit Goa every year, a majority of them making the trip during the peak season in...

    Goa In The Monsoons

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