Local Markets

  There are lots of holiday destination in India but Goa is among the selected destinations which are quite popular among the people. Goa is famous not only for beaches but also for its local markets. Mapusa market or Anjuna flea market, Arpora Saturday night bazaar or Mackie’s night market. Every market is very special and famous in itself.

Natural Spices

Goa has lots of secrets in itself. One of them is the Spice plantation garden. You can also call it a natural gift. The flavor which is most liked by the name of Vanilla is also planted here. Its beans take 4-5 months to produce properly, after which about the 1ltr vanilla flavor is extracted from 100 grams of seeds. Perhaps this is why vanilla comes in the world’s most expensive spices.

Night Life

There are many places in India where the real morning happens only in the night. Goa is one of those places. Apart from beaches, natural beauty, Goa is also famous for nightlife. There is a lot of place in Goa where the real joy of roaming comes only at night. You can go to club cubana to make your night a memorable night or you can enjoy your night full at the famous OWL-The Premium Night Club here


What comes first to your mind when you hear the name of Goa? I think you would say the beaches. Not only for fun, but Goa is also very special from a religious perspective. Goa is not less than any heaven for travelers. There is so much to hang around here that you cannot think. There are many ancient temples in Goa, in which Maruti temple of God Hanuman and Mahalakshmi temple is the main.


Nature is as beautiful as mysterious. Goa also has a lot of secrets in itself, one of which is Goa’s wildlife. The city is as beautiful as it is on the banks of the sea, so is Amazing Wildlife here. Not only in water, but also in land and air, there is a different kind of wildlife here. For those who have a passion to see migrant migrants here, Dr Salim Ali


Goa is very special in many ways. Here, along with the beautiful scenery of nature, the views of ancient and idyllic temples and sea monuments are very beautiful, but the beauty of Goa does not stop here, the churches here are as beautiful as the temples here. The Church of Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception is very ancient and one of the most famous Churches of Goa. Here situated The Church of St. Cajetan is considered to be the most beautiful church of Goa.


With the arrival of people who want to roam around, the first choice of people who want adventures in life is also Goa. It’s kind of impossible that you’re near the sea and there are no water sports available. The water sports available here have a different significance for the thrillers. There are a lot of water sports available here but among of them parasailing: Fly in the sky, Scuba diving: Explore life underwater, Knee boarding: Enjoy on your knees, Jet skiing Glide on water and White water rafting are famous among all.


Goa itself is a complete package. Whether it is going to explore nature or entertain on beaches or spend romantic vacations with your loved one, it is most necessary in all these things that if you get something new and good for eating then what is the matter. Good foods are good brain seeker, Goa is also very famous for its special foods. Goan Fish Curry, Pork vindaloo, Chicken Xacuti, Prawn Balchao, and Caldeirada are some of the most famous dishes here.

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